Have you recently switched from Paul Buff lights and want to use your Paul C. Buff modifiers? Don’t sell that modifier just yet!

Not to long ago I sold my Paul Buff Einstein lights and switched to Flashpoint Xplor 600. I also picked up a Westcott Rapid box, which I absolutely love. I still have my Paul C Buff 47″ Octabox and umbrella. They have been sitting to the side of my studio, collecting dust.

A couple weeks ago, I picked up a second Xplor. As I stare at my PCB modifiers, I contemplating selling it and picking up another rapidbox. So I jumped on Google as I recall seeing an adapter for the PCB modifiers. Found the site that originally had that info, and clicked on the link. Dead end….

Time to put the PCB stuff for sale, and pick up equipment that I can actually use. So I went on to PCB’s site to read the description about the octabox so I can put it up on Fred Miranda. Right there in front of me was a link to a company that carries the adapter. DUH!

Anyway, if anyone is looking for an adapter to adapt any PCB modifiers to bowens here you go: