Jessica Hendelman is a photographer based out of New Hampshire, focusing on landscape photography and astrophotography. Through her photography, Jessica strives to capture the essence and purity of the natural world. Her deep love of the outdoors and connection with animals is evident in her portrayal of scenic landscapes and wildlife in their natural habitat.

A seasoned professional, Jessica’s passion for wildlife and landscape photography began in the mid nineties and she has grown alongside the industry, evolving her craft from film and darkroom to digital and Lightroom. Lately, Jessica is spending more of her time doing astrophotography (night photography).  Jessica is available for freelance assignments, commercial photo shoots and private workshops.

It's so very hard for me to ask for help, but I need it desperately

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Not only did we lose our barn to a fire, but all the contents in it. Insurance says they won't pay because we used the barn at times for our rescue dogs.

Not only will they not help pay to rebuild, they won't help pay for demo and cleanup.

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On the morning of Oct 17th, we were awakened around 2am by our dogs barking and a loud banging on our door, alerting us to the fact that the barn adjacent to our house was up in flames. Thankfully, due to the amazing response from our fire department and the departments from surrounding towns, t…

We just found out insurance won't cover the fire

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The photos is 2 of the 3 boys that were supposed to be in the barn the night of the fire. The picture of the mangled crates were their crates.

For the Love of Dog Rescue of NH is a 501c3 organization. Any donation made is tax deductible.

Please help in any way you can. Even $1 helps.

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A picture speaks a thousand words

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For those who don't know, I own a dog kennel in southwestern New Hampshire.

On Oct 17, one of our kennel buildings was completely destroyed by fire. This building serves as the quarantine area and overflow of our rescue dogs.

Without this area, we are unable to bring dogs into the state and safely house them when foster homes are not available.

Three dogs were supposed to be in the building that night, but Michelle & I decided to put them into the main building instead.

If they were in this building, they would not have survived the fire. All of our medications and preventatives, crates, and supplies were lost.

We are planning to rebuild a beautiful adoption & daycare facility for the dogs along with the necessary quarantine area. Insurance will only cover part of this. Help us make this a reality. -

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